About Me

I am a political scientist from Portugal, currently pursuing a PhD at the European University Institute (EUI), in Florence. My main interests are on the fields of political behavior and political culture, with a geographical focus on Europe.


The bulk of my research focuses on how social norms can help us understand political behavior. My three-paper dissertation, which is being supervised by Prof. Elias Dinas, seeks to explain the erosion of social norms against extremist behavior and behavior associated with authoritarianism. I am very eager to incorporate insights from social psychology and behavioral economics, as well as novel measures and data sources, into my work.


I also have a keen interest in methodology—particularly causal inference.

My work is forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies and Political Behavior.


Please visit the page on Research to learn more about my working papers and current work in progress.

Apart from my work in political science, I am a jazz musician and I am actively engaged in supporting incoming refugees. Please visit the dedicated page to learn more about these activities.

I am on Twitter @ValentimVicente.

Please free to get in touch with me if you work on related topics—I would be very happy to hear from you!