Please email me if you cannot access any of the papers listed below. I would be happy to share it.

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Dinas, Elias, Sergi Martínez, and Vicente Valentim. Social Norm Change, Political Symbols, and Expression of Stigmatized Preferences. Conditionally accepted, The Journal of Politics.

  2. Valentim, Vicente and Elias Dinas. Does Party-System Fragmentation Affect the Quality of Democracy? Accepted for publication, British Journal of Political Science.

  3. Martínez, Sergi, Vicente Valentim, and Elias Dinas. Symbolic Conflict Resolution and Ingroup Favoritism. Conditionally accepted, Journal of Conflict Resolution.

  4. Valentim, Vicente. 2021. Parliamentary Representation and the Normalization of Radical Right Support. Comparative Political Studies.

  5. Valentim, Vicente and Tobias Widmann. 2021. Does Radical-Right Success Make the Political Debate More Negative? Evidence from Emotional Rhetoric in German State Parliaments. Political Behavior (Open Access).

  6. Valentim, Vicente. 2021. Creating Critical Citizens? Anti-Austerity Protests and Public Opinion. Electoral Studies.

  7.  Dinas, Elias, Vicente Valentim, Nikolaj Broberg and Mark N. Franklin. 2021. Early Voting Experiences and Habit Formation. Political Science Research and Methods (Forthcoming).

  8. Valentim, Vicente, Ana Ruipérez Núñez and Elias Dinas. 2021. Regression Discontinuity Designs: A Hands-on Guide for Applied Research. Italian Political Science Review, Editor invited publication, part of a special issue on political science methods.

  9. Valentim, Vicente. 2019. What Affects Media Commentators’ Views of Protest Actions? Evidence from the Portuguese Wave of Anti-Austerity Contention. Social Movement Studies.

  10. Valentim, Vicente and Britta Baumgarten. 2019. Media Coverage Beyond Visibility: The Case of the Portuguese Anti-Austerity Protests. Mobilization.

Working papers

  1. Valentim, Vicente. Social Norms, Preference Falsification, and Support for Stigmatized Parties (Job Market Paper). Decline and Resubmit.

  2. Valentim, Vicente. Measuring Normative Influences with Secondary Data: The "Private-Public" Framework.

  3. Alvarez-Benjumea, Amalia and Vicente Valentim. The Enforcement of Political Norms.

  4. Chua, John, Vicente Valentim, Elias Dinas, and Danielz Ziblatt. Xenophobic statements by mainstream politicians erode norms more than similar statements by radical-right politicians.

  5. Bischof, Daniel and Vicente Valentim. The Consequences of Punishing Political Ideologies in Democracies: Evidence from Employment Bans in West Germany.

Work in Progress

  1. How Political Ideologies Become Stigmatized: A General Theory.

  2. Social Norms (Entry in preparation for the Encyclopedia of Political Sociology, edited by Maria Grasso and Marco Giugni).

  3. Real-World Sanctioning of Stigmatized Political Preferences (with Amalia Álvarez-Benjumea).

  4. Escalation as a Strategy of Norm Erosion (with Tobias Widmman).

  5. Mobility, Reference Groups, and Normalization of Radical Right Support (with Tarek Jaziri).

  6. Coeducation and Gender Norms (with Ioanna Gkoutna).

  7. History of Protests and Gender Norms in New Democracies (with Nerea Gándara Guerra).

  8. Identifying Defiers in Causal Inference Research (with María del Mar Cañizares).