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Please email me if you cannot access any of the papers listed below. I would be happy to share it.

Selected publications

Work in Progress

  1. Valentim, Vicente. The Stigmatization of Political Ideologies. Presented at CES 2024.

  2. Jaziri Arjona, Tarek and Vicente Valentim. Short-term Mobility and Changes in Political Norms. Presented at EPSA 2023.

  3. Gkoutna, Ioanna and Vicente Valentim. Coeducation and Gender Norms. Presented at EPSA 2023.

  4. Valentim, Vicente and Temi Ogunye. Coiled Preferences. Presented at EPSA 2023.

  5. Alvarez-Benjumea, Amalia and Vicente Valentim. Real-World Sanctioning of Stigmatized Political Preferences.

  6. Balcells, Laia, Sergi Martínez, Ethan vanderWilden and Vicente Valentim. Stigmatizing the Radical Right.

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